Paula Loos (production designer) was born and raised in the small town Nibbixwoud in the Netherlands. She received a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the Graphic Lyceum Amsterdam; after graduation she changed her career path, obtaining a degree at the NFTA, the Dutch Film and Television school in Amsterdam. Since then she has worked in the film and television industries throughout the world.

Paula’s enthusiasm for production design derives from her devotion to produce a creative vision from the script into the reality depicted on the screen. She leads her team with energy and faith in the talent of everyone with whom she works, motivating and challenging her team to deliver innovative results.

As an artist in the 21st century, Paula is devoted to utilizing sustainable materials in the creation of films. She is proud to be the first production designer to work with Emagispace (, an innovative process of building film sets with reusable building elements, for the Screen Gems/Sony film Cadaver, directed by Diederik van Rooijen and set to be released in 2017.

Paula attended the NFTA with van Rooijen and Cadaver director of photography Lennert Hillege, with whom she collaborated, as production designer, on the short film Kort!-Klein.

Her other credits in the United States include Suburban Cowboy, directed by Kurt Brothers (production designer), AWOL 72, directed by Christian Sesma (production designer), APP directed by Bobby Boermans (production designer), Tribute, a short film directed by John Salcido (production designer), Hitman’s Bodyguard, Patrick Hudges (art director) and Passengers, directed by Morten Tyldum (assistant art director).